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10 palabras relacionadas con el trabajo

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10 palabras relacionadas con el trabajo

(noun) Def: a person who owns and manages a small shopshop.

The shopkeeper thinks that the most respectable thing is to earn an honest living

Spanish: tendero, dueño de una tienda.


unsocial hours

Def: not standard working times, for instance working at nights or weekends.

I suppose the worst thing about this job is the unsocial hours

Spanish: Horas laborables fuera del horario normal de oficina.

late shift

Def: period of work during the evening or night.

During the late shift there is more work to be done.

Spanish: Turno de trabajo de tarde-noche.

(noun) Def: the situation when someone loses their job because their employer does not need them

The survey found that employers planning to make redundancies are more likely to report an increase in mental health problems among their staff.

Spanish: Despido

job security

Def: the probability of someone keeping their job for a long time

Everyone is worried about how secure their job is – or what we call job security

Spanish: Estabilidad laboral

(noun) Def: the amount of work to be done

Teachers are always complaining about their heavy workloads

Spanish: Carga de trabajo

(noun) Def: when someone is not where they are usually expected to be

The report discovered that stress is the number one cause of long-term workplace absence

Spanish: Ausencias

(noun) Def: someone who is paid to work for somebody

Half of the UK’s public sector companies have reported a rise in employee absence caused by stress

Spanish: empleado


Def: after the usual time needed or expected in a job

They’re working overtime to get the job finished on time

Spanish: horas extra

(verb) Def: to remove someone from their job, especially because they have done something wrong

He has been dismissed from this job for incompetence

Spanish: despedir



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