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10 significados de la phrasal verb: take + prep

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10 significados de la phrasal verb: take + prep:

Take out

1. Def: Remove something from someone or somewhere

He took some money out of the cashpoint machine

Spanish: sacar, quitar.

Take apart

2. Def: Separate something into separate parts

Stuart will take apart the car engie to see why it’s broken

Spanish: desmontar

Take on

3. Def: accept a job or responsability

You can’t take on responsibility for the whole event.

Spanish: aceptar un trabajo o responsabilidad

4. Def: give someone a job/to emply someone

She was take on as a laboratory assistant

Spanish: contratar

Take off

5. Def: an aircraft leaves the ground and starts flying

The plane will take off at 3pm

Spanish: despegar

6. Def: remove something, especially clothes

I want to take off this hot jacket

Spanish: quitarse ropa

Take in

7. Def: Allow someone to stay in your house

Several families take in foreign students

Spanish: Alojar, acoge

8. Def: Be deceived or fooled by someone (often pasive)

I can’t believe she was taken in by him

Spanish: Ser engañado

Take up

9. Def: Accept an offer

Susan decided to take up Bill’s offer.

Spanish: Aceptar un reto u ofrecimiento

Take back

10. Def: Return something you have bought to a shop

I will take back the dvds tonight

Spanish: devolver



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