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10 palabras relacionadas con el clima

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10 palabras relacionadas con el tiempo

storm  (noun) Def: an extreme wheather condition with very strong wind and heavy rain.

Tropican storm Hector is gaining strength

Spanish: tormenta

Palabras relacionadas: stormy (tormentoso)

(noun) Def: a violent wind which has a circular movement, especially found in the West Atlantic Ocean

The state of Florida was hit by a hurricane.

Spanish: Huracán.

spot  (noun) Def: a particular place

Florence is Europe’s hottest spot.

Spanish: Lugar, sitio, punto.

  (adjective) Def: towards the north

The tropical sotrm is moving northward at about 15 mph.

Spanish: Hacia el norte

gust  (noun) Def: a sudden strong wind

Gust of wind of up to eighty kilometers an hour

Spanish: Ráfaga o racha (frecuentemente referido a viento)

thunder (noun) Def: loud noise which comes from the sky especially during a storm

There was a thunder and then it started to rain.

Spanish: Trueno

shower (noun)  Def: a brief rain (US)

Scattered showers are expected in Great Britain

Spanish: Chubascos

scattered (adjective) Def: dispersed amount of something.

Scattered showers are expected in Great Britain

Spanish: aislados, dispersos

clear up (verb)

1.  Def: If the weather clears up, the cloud and rain disappears

I hope it clears up in time for the picnic.

Spanish: despejarse el tiempo

2. Def: To remove doubts, confusion, or wrong ideas:

I want to clear up all your doubts.

Spanish: aclarar (dudas, ideas)



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