Diez palabras en inglés al día

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10 palabras relacionadas con el cuerpo humano

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chin(noun) Def: the part of a person´s face below their mouth

He has a piercing on his chin

Spanish: barbilla

(noun) Def: the rounded back part of the foot.

Heel pain is often the result of overuse of the foot.

Spanish: talón.

navel (noun) Def: the small round part in the middle of the stomach that is left after the umbilical cord.

Spanish: ombligo.

(noun) Def: the flat part of the face, above the eyes and below the hair

She’s got a high forehead.

Spanish: frente

beard (noun) Def: the hair that some men allow to grow on the lower part of their face.

He shaved off his beard but kept his mustache.

Spanish: barba

limb (noun) Def: an arm or leg of a person or animal

The accident victims mostly had injuries to their lower limbs (= legs)

Spanish: extremidad

liver (noun) Def: a large organ in the body that cleans the blood and produces bile

Hepatitis b virus is a virus which infects the liver.

Spanish: hígado

thigh (noun) Def: the part of the leg between the hip and the knee in man

I can’t participate in athletics today because my thigh hurts.

Spanish: muslo

rib (noun) Def: a bone that curves round from your back to your chest.

My son broke a rib when he fell off a ladder.

Spanish: costilla

throat (noun) Def: the front of the neck, or the space inside the neck down which food and air can go.

When my throat was sore, I didn’t go to school.

Spanish: garganta

Vídeo con la pronunciación de las partes del cuerpo:



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