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Palabras relacionadas con la comida

Hoy os traemos palabras sobre la comida y la dieta!


Aquí os dejo un vídeo para practicar muchas comidas en inglés:

También os recomiendo esta web si quieres practicar la pronunciación de alimentos en inglés.


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10 palabras relacionadas con el cuerpo humano

chin(noun) Def: the part of a person´s face below their mouth

He has a piercing on his chin

Spanish: barbilla

(noun) Def: the rounded back part of the foot.

Heel pain is often the result of overuse of the foot.

Spanish: talón.

navel (noun) Def: the small round part in the middle of the stomach that is left after the umbilical cord.

Spanish: ombligo.

(noun) Def: the flat part of the face, above the eyes and below the hair

She’s got a high forehead.

Spanish: frente

beard (noun) Def: the hair that some men allow to grow on the lower part of their face.

He shaved off his beard but kept his mustache.

Spanish: barba

limb (noun) Def: an arm or leg of a person or animal

The accident victims mostly had injuries to their lower limbs (= legs)

Spanish: extremidad

liver (noun) Def: a large organ in the body that cleans the blood and produces bile

Hepatitis b virus is a virus which infects the liver.

Spanish: hígado

thigh (noun) Def: the part of the leg between the hip and the knee in man

I can’t participate in athletics today because my thigh hurts.

Spanish: muslo

rib (noun) Def: a bone that curves round from your back to your chest.

My son broke a rib when he fell off a ladder.

Spanish: costilla

throat (noun) Def: the front of the neck, or the space inside the neck down which food and air can go.

When my throat was sore, I didn’t go to school.

Spanish: garganta

Vídeo con la pronunciación de las partes del cuerpo:

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10 preguntas frecuentes en una entrevista de trabajo

Tell me about yourself?
Cuéntame sobre ti mismo.

What do you look for in a job?
Qué buscas en un empleo?

Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?
Prefieres trabajar sólo o en equipo.

What are your strengths?
Cuáles son tus puntos fuertes?

What is your greatest weakness?
Cuál es tu mayor defecto?

Why do you want to work for this company?
Porqué quieres trabajar para esta empresa?

When would you start work?
Cuándo podrías comenzar a trabajar?

What salary are you seeking?
Qué salio estás buscando?

What major challenges and problems did you face?
Cuáles son los mayores retos y problemas que has afrontado?

How do you handle stress and pressure?
Como manejas el estrés y la presión?

Piensa como responderías a estas preguntas.

Este vídeo enumera 15 preguntas típicas:

Este vídeo incluye una entrevista de trabajo en inglés (nivel intermedio).

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10 palabras relacionadas con el tiempo

storm  (noun) Def: an extreme wheather condition with very strong wind and heavy rain.

Tropican storm Hector is gaining strength

Spanish: tormenta

Palabras relacionadas: stormy (tormentoso)

(noun) Def: a violent wind which has a circular movement, especially found in the West Atlantic Ocean

The state of Florida was hit by a hurricane.

Spanish: Huracán.

spot  (noun) Def: a particular place

Florence is Europe’s hottest spot.

Spanish: Lugar, sitio, punto.

  (adjective) Def: towards the north

The tropical sotrm is moving northward at about 15 mph.

Spanish: Hacia el norte

gust  (noun) Def: a sudden strong wind

Gust of wind of up to eighty kilometers an hour

Spanish: Ráfaga o racha (frecuentemente referido a viento)

thunder (noun) Def: loud noise which comes from the sky especially during a storm

There was a thunder and then it started to rain.

Spanish: Trueno

shower (noun)  Def: a brief rain (US)

Scattered showers are expected in Great Britain

Spanish: Chubascos

scattered (adjective) Def: dispersed amount of something.

Scattered showers are expected in Great Britain

Spanish: aislados, dispersos

clear up (verb)

1.  Def: If the weather clears up, the cloud and rain disappears

I hope it clears up in time for the picnic.

Spanish: despejarse el tiempo

2. Def: To remove doubts, confusion, or wrong ideas:

I want to clear up all your doubts.

Spanish: aclarar (dudas, ideas)

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10 palabras relacionadas con las vacaciones

honeymoon  (noun) Def: a holiday taken by a man and a woman inmediately after their marriage

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Spanish: luna de miel

cottage (noun) Def: a small house, usually in the countryside

They live in an idyllic country cottage.

Spanish: casa pequeña.

sand (noun) Def: a substance that is found on beaches and in deserts

The children played all day on the sand

Spanish: arena

half board

Def: holiday where breakfast and lunch or dinner is included the price

We prefer half board to full board because it’s less restrictive.

Spanish: media pensión

full board

Def: hotel or room which includes all meals

The price of the holiday includes flights, full board, and all extras.

Spanish: pensión completa

surroundings  (noun) Def: the place where someone or something is

I prefer spend my time in more cultured surroundings

Spanish: ambiente, entorno.

break (noun) Def: a short holiday

How long is the Christmas break this year?

Spanish: descanso, vacaciones.

plenty to do

A young couple want a week in the sun with plenty to do in the evenings

Spanish: mucho que hacer.

holidaymaker  (noun) Def: a person who is on holiday away from where they usually live

We present 20 of the most ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers to their travel agent

Spanish: veraneante, turista.

bank holiday

Def: an official holiday when banks and most business are closed for a day

Many large shops open on bank holidays, when most people have a day off for shopping.

Spanish: festivo

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10 significados de la phrasal verb: take + prep:

Take out

1. Def: Remove something from someone or somewhere

He took some money out of the cashpoint machine

Spanish: sacar, quitar.

Take apart

2. Def: Separate something into separate parts

Stuart will take apart the car engie to see why it’s broken

Spanish: desmontar

Take on

3. Def: accept a job or responsability

You can’t take on responsibility for the whole event.

Spanish: aceptar un trabajo o responsabilidad

4. Def: give someone a job/to emply someone

She was take on as a laboratory assistant

Spanish: contratar

Take off

5. Def: an aircraft leaves the ground and starts flying

The plane will take off at 3pm

Spanish: despegar

6. Def: remove something, especially clothes

I want to take off this hot jacket

Spanish: quitarse ropa

Take in

7. Def: Allow someone to stay in your house

Several families take in foreign students

Spanish: Alojar, acoge

8. Def: Be deceived or fooled by someone (often pasive)

I can’t believe she was taken in by him

Spanish: Ser engañado

Take up

9. Def: Accept an offer

Susan decided to take up Bill’s offer.

Spanish: Aceptar un reto u ofrecimiento

Take back

10. Def: Return something you have bought to a shop

I will take back the dvds tonight

Spanish: devolver

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10 expresiones para indicar direcciones

Take a street

Take the second street on the left

Spanish: Tome, Vaya por

Go straight on

Go straight on until you come to the traffic lights.

Spanish: Siga recto

Turn left/right..

Turn left/right there

Spanish: Gire a la izquierda/derecha

Continue to..

Continue to the end of the road

Spanish: Continua hasta, Sigue hasta

At the corner

Turn left at the corner

Spanish: en la esquina

It’s this way

It’s this way

Spanish: Está por aquí

Wrong direction/way

You are going in the wrong direction/way

Spanish: dirección equivocada

Go down..

Go down there

Spanish: bajar hacia

It”ll be..

It’ll be on your left

Spanish: Lo encontrará

You’ll pass..

You’ll pass a supermarket on your left

Spanish: Pasar por

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